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Black pollock loin – 1kg

$359 $299

A delicious and sustainable option.

  • Landing port :
  • Weight recommended for 1 person : 200g
  • Storage : 5 days after the packing date or 3 months in the freezer
  • Vacuum-pack : yes

Price is for 1kg (5 portions of 200g)

MSC Cod fillet – 1kg

$429 $389

This is responsibly sourced from the most sustainable fish stock for Cod fish.

Label MSC certified

  • Landing port : Scotland
  • Weight recommended for 1 person : 200g
  • Storage : 5 days after the packing date or 3 months in the freezer
  • Vacuum-pack : yes
  • Price is for 1kg (5 portions of 200g) skin off

Feroe Salmon Thick Slice – 1kg

$469 $439

This salmon is raised with the repect of the nature along Hiddenfjord in Fero islands. It is on its way to be certififications such as BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices).


  • Landing port : France
  • Weight recommended for 1 person : 200g
  • Storage : 7 days after the packing date or 3 months in the freezer
  • Vacuum-pack : yes

Pirce is per 1kg  (5 portions of 200g)

Organic Mayonnaise With Fresh Eggs

$65 $33

Delicious mayonaise made with fresh eggs.

210 ml

Organic Red Onions – 1kg

$139 $109

Did you know that the onion comes from Asia and in Ancient Egypt it was considered a talisman due to its qualities that are highly beneficial to health and for relieving numerous diseases? The onion is a product that we use daily in our kitchens; it is a fundamental part of our cuisine. More and more people are looking to consume products that are more beneficial for both their body and for the environment, and therefore, organic products are one of the major players in our diets today.  Organic Yellow Onions are preferred for reasons of taste, health and the environment.

Origin: France, Spain or Netherland
Packaging: Tray
Storage: Keep in mind that humidity breeds spoilage in dry onions. Store whole onions in a cool, dry place with good air circulation for up to two months Once cut, tightly wrap any unused onion in plastic, refrigerate and use within four days.
Usage: These onions are a favorite in quiche, pizza, and onion soup and are great au gratin, fried, stir-fried, creamed, or stuffed.

Organic AOP Nyons Olives Spread – 90g

$75 $71

This exclusive and exceptional product is the result of the passionate and hard work of a couple of nature lovers. Those organic olives are farmed in a very artisanal way and are from the “Tanche” variety.The Tanche olive is unique to southern part of the Drôme, and Nyons is the name given to the Tanche olives grown in and around the charming town of Nyons. Distinguished by their large pits, sweet meaty flavor, and lack of bitterness, Nyons olives are special enough to have earned their own AOC, or Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (the French system for designating and controlling the geography and quality of wines and other products).

Origin: France
Packaging: Glass jar
Ingredients: Nyons olives and nyons olive oil, organic lemon juice 0.7%
Storage:Keep away from the light. Once opened, store in the fridge.
Usage: You can mix it with garlic, anchovies. You can usa it as a tapenade, to put on top of a fish, in omelets, ..

Price is per tin 90g

Gift Pack Organic Tomatoes Salsa + Houmous

$530 $495

Discover the best of Variette  with a mix of our organic tomatoes salsa.

1* Organic Red Tomatoes Jam
1* Organic Cumin Houmous
1* Green Zebra salsa
1* Valencia salsa
1* Coeur de Boeuf salsa
1* Costoluto genovese salsa
1* Pink Ribbon

Usage : Delicious with rice, pasta, risottos, soups, pizza, meat, fish or just to enjoy on a piece of bread with some ham.

Price is per 6 jars or 250g

Organic Romanesco Broccoli

$145 $125 by piece

Though Romanesco looks like a vegetable from another planet, it is a member of the Brassica family that includes cauliflower, broccoli and cabbage.
The bright green symmetrical spirals of varying sizes are actually individual buds of the plants flower. It is believed that Italian farmers in the 16th developed the variety through cross-breeding.

Romanesco tastes very similar to cauliflower, but with a slightly nuttier, earthier flavor. Regular-sized Romanesco is about the same size of a normal head of cauliflower; there is also a “teenage” Romanesco, which is about half the size.

Origin:  France
Packaging: Kraft bag
Storage: Keep refrigerated and unwashed for up to five days.
Usage: Romanesco can be served raw, lightly cooked, or cooked through and can be substituted in any recipe calling for cauliflower or broccoli.

Price is for 1 piece of about 1kg

Frozen Black Qwehli Tiger Prawn – 2kg


It has taken 8 years of r&d for qwehli to offer you our exceptional savor panaeus monodon from mozambique. The rich soil in clay of zambéze region and the flora of the mozambique channel sublime our black qwehli with a unique flavor. Strong of our know-how in farming and fish preservation we guarantee 100% the tractability. Our processing plant located next to the farming ponds ensure great quality and maximum freshness.

Origin : mozambique
Latin name: Penaeus monodon

Price is per 1 box of about 2 kilos.

Fresh Black pollock Fillet – 1kg

$359 $289

A delicious and sustainable option.

  •  North East Atlantic
  • Weight recommended for 1 person : 200g
  • Storage : 5 days after the packing date or 3 months in the freezer
  • Vacuum-pack : yes

Price is for 1kg (5 portions of 200g)

Organic Endives + Granny Smith + Shallots Mix

$479 $455

Endives, Granny smith apple and shallots are delicious mixed together in a salad. Enjoy them at discounted price!

Fresh Handmade Pasta Mix Discovery – 2.5 kg – Order Monday before 6pm

$773 $759

Enjoy the best of Pasta Piemonte with a mix of their best ravioli and gnocci. You will receive 500g of each following types:

  • Ravioli with Menton Lemon
  • Ravioli Piemonte (with meat)
  • Ravioli with Hazelnuts and Tomme chesse
  • Ravioli with ricotta and spinash
  • Gnocchi

Eat by date: Sunday (1 or 2 days after the delivery )
Storage: at the bottom of the fridge
Freezing: Suitable for freezing, can keep 6 months in the freezer
1 kilo is good for a meal for 4 to 5 people

Price is per 5kg (mix types)

Italian Flavors and Truffle Set by Pasta Piemonte

$1,124 $1,068

Enjoy the best of Italy with this dedicated selection of products made for Pasta Piemonte in Menton.



Organic Patte de loup Apple – by Kg

$144 $105

Patte de loup — literally, wolf’s paw — is the name of an heirloom variety of apple that is chiefly grown in the Northwest of France, and is mentioned in horticultural documents as early as the Middle Age. Small and oddly shapen, with a rugged, brownish yellow skin that often cracks and scars as if a wolf had clawed it, it is typically the kind of apple that did not stand a chance in the modern battle for glossy and perfectly calibrated specimens. And yet the patte de loup is very close to apple perfection: sweet and tart, with a firm flesh that is juicy but not too crisp, it does equally well eaten au couteau,

Origin: France
Packaging: Kraft paper
Storage:Keep it up to a week in the refrigerator in the crisper compartment
Usage: You can eat it  straight away or cook them. i.e. sliced with a knife and munched on out of hand, or baked into a tarte tatin or an apple cake.

Price is per kilo

Organic Farm eggs Eat by date 13/04

$80 $60 Per box of 6

Rediscover the real taste of eggs.Raised outdoor in La Ferme de Champignolles, in Serifontaine, Oise, France, Anne-Sophie et Christophe are the 3rd generation of farmers in this farm. They have started to produce organic product since 2000.

In the EU, organic eggs are identified by the number 0 🥚 It means they come from free-range hens, or cage-free hens that have access to outdoors, raised only with organic chicken feed and with minimal use of antibiotics 🐔

Storage: Keep cool and eat as fresh as possible.

Eat by date: about 5 days at least

Fresh Feroe Salmon Fillet Whole – 1kg

$469 $439

This salmon is raised with the respect of the nature along Hiddenfjord in Feroe islands. It is on its way to be certifications such as BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices).

  • Landing port : France
  • Weight recommended for 1 person : 200g
  • Storage : 7 days after the packing date or 3 months in the freezer
  • Vacuum-pack : yes

Pirce is per 1kg  (whole fillet)

Fish Soup Concentrate 5 Individual Portions – 700ml

$175 $169

This new format of 100% NATURAL FISH SOUP is concentrated to 68%, without gelling agent and any others preservatives. It allows to offer in 10 minutes a beautiful tureen brewery containing 450ml. This recipe for fish soup concentrate has remained unchanged since it first went on the market in 1963. Its high concentration of fish (68%) gives it the distinction of being the most concentrated soup on the French market. It also has excellent nutritional qualities and flavor with no additives, preservatives or artificial coloring. It is prepared in accordance with the taste and tradition of the original Sétoise recipe. Its texture is smooth, but without sacrificing the fiber of the fish or the other subtle flavors that make up this delightful soup.

ModeEmploi : 1 portion equal 1 plate of 450ml.  Pour the contents of the container into a large saucepan, add TWO volumes of water and boil 5 minutes. Serve hot in a soup tureen along with our Garlic Croutons topped with our Sétoise Rouille (made with fresh eggs) and grated cheese for a true Mediterranean presentation.
Bon Appetit!

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