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Box of 3 Traditional Rillettes from Yeu Island

$194 $186

A discovery box with:

  • Sardine rillettes with espelette pepper
  • Tuna rillettes with green pepper
  • Salmon terrine


Brie de Meaux Fermier – 150g

$68 $66

Slice of 150g

Best before: 6 days  after the delivery

Fish Soup Concentrate 5 Individual Portions – 700ml

$175 $169

This new format of 100% NATURAL FISH SOUP is concentrated to 68%, without gelling agent and any others preservatives. It allows to offer in 10 minutes a beautiful tureen brewery containing 450ml. This recipe for fish soup concentrate has remained unchanged since it first went on the market in 1963. Its high concentration of fish (68%) gives it the distinction of being the most concentrated soup on the French market. It also has excellent nutritional qualities and flavor with no additives, preservatives or artificial coloring. It is prepared in accordance with the taste and tradition of the original Sétoise recipe. Its texture is smooth, but without sacrificing the fiber of the fish or the other subtle flavors that make up this delightful soup.

ModeEmploi : 1 portion equal 1 plate of 450ml.  Pour the contents of the container into a large saucepan, add TWO volumes of water and boil 5 minutes. Serve hot in a soup tureen along with our Garlic Croutons topped with our Sétoise Rouille (made with fresh eggs) and grated cheese for a true Mediterranean presentation.
Bon Appetit!

Fresh Black pollock Fillet – Order before Monday 3 pm

$359 $289 by kg

A delicious and sustainable option.

  •  North East Atlantic
  • Weight recommended for 1 person : 200g
  • Storage : 5 days after the packing date or 3 months in the freezer
  • Vacuum-pack : yes

Price is for 1kg (5 portions of 200g)

Fresh Blue Ling Fillet – Order before Monday 3pm

$349 $299 by kg

This is responsibly sourced from French artisanal fishing


  • Landing port : Brittany or Vendée
  • Weight recommended for 1 person : 200g
  • Storage : 5 days after the packing date or 3 months in the freezer
  • Vacuum-pack : yes

price is per kilo (5 portions of 200g)

Fresh Feroe Salmon Fillet Whole – Order before Monday 3pm

$469 $449 by kg

This salmon is raised with the respect of the nature along Hiddenfjord in Feroe islands. It is on its way to be certifications such as BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices).

  • Landing port : France
  • Weight recommended for 1 person : 200g
  • Storage : 7 days after the packing date or 3 months in the freezer
  • Vacuum-pack : yes

Pirce is per 1kg  (whole fillet)

Fresh Feroe Salmon Thick Slice – Order before Monday 3pm

$469 $439 by kg

This salmon is raised with the repect of the nature along Hiddenfjord in Fero islands. It is on its way to be certififications such as BAP (Best Aquaculture Practices).


  • Landing port : France
  • Weight recommended for 1 person : 200g
  • Storage : 7 days after the packing date or 3 months in the freezer
  • Vacuum-pack : yes

Price is per 1kg  (5 portions of 200g)

Fresh Handmade Pasta Mix Discovery – 2.5 kg – Order Monday before 6pm

$773 $759

Enjoy the best of Pasta Piemonte with a mix of their best ravioli and gnocci. You will receive 500g of each following types:

  • Ravioli with Menton Lemon
  • Ravioli Piemonte (with meat)
  • Ravioli with Hazelnuts and Tomme chesse
  • Ravioli with ricotta and spinash
  • Gnocchi

Eat by date: Sunday (1 or 2 days after the delivery )
Storage: at the bottom of the fridge
Freezing: Suitable for freezing, can keep 6 months in the freezer
1 kilo is good for a meal for 4 to 5 people

Price is per 5kg (mix types)

Fresh Monkfish Tail


This monkfish is responsibly sourced from French artisanal fishing. It is prepared skin off.

  • Landing port : Vendée, France
  • Weight recommended for 1 person : 200g
  • Storage : to eat during the week end or 3 months in the freezer
  • Vacuum-pack : variable

Gift Pack Organic Tomatoes Salsa + Houmous

$530 $495

Discover the best of Variette  with a mix of our organic tomatoes salsa.

1* Organic Red Tomatoes Jam
1* Organic Cumin Houmous
1* Green Zebra salsa
1* Valencia salsa
1* Coeur de Boeuf salsa
1* Costoluto genovese salsa
1* Pink Ribbon

Usage : Delicious with rice, pasta, risottos, soups, pizza, meat, fish or just to enjoy on a piece of bread with some ham.

Price is per 6 jars or 250g

Green Tapenade

$65 $29

Tapenade is a typical appetizer in the South of France. It is a puree of anchovies and black olives that are traditionally spread on sliced bread.You can also use it to baste meat or in a variety of other dishes.You will find all the flavors of the Mediterranean in this product, with green olives and anchovies from Collioure.

Tapenade with Green Olives 106ml

Honey vinegar – Stock Clearance


This will give a harmonious note to your marinades and salads. To be used on its own (on asparagus), in unison with smoked duck breast (with virgin pine nut oil) and other smoked meats. It could also be used in desserts (like plain cakes with brouillade” of orange), or for deglazed livers.


Special discount as best before September 2020 but can keep much longer without any danger.

Moutain Speck Dolce Oro – 100g

$38 $30

Mountain Speck Alto Adige is an excellence of the Italian mountains, which is subjected to a code of conduct that controls the production. It is a high-quality pork ham seasoned with salt, garlic, and irresistible aroma. This delicious sausage is the most tasteful and valued Italian cold cut that will not only delight your taste bud but make you want to eat more of it.

If you are looking for the most delicious food for lunch or dinner, Mountain Speck Alto Adige is the real deal because it offers you the real irresistible taste of the mountains. Grab your knife, slice it and pop in the toothpick!

Origin : Italy,
Animal : Pork
Best before: 5 days  after the delivery

Price is 100g thinly sliced

Olive and Ceps Oil


Its floral, herbaceous bouquet is surprisingly powerful. It’s great for giving cheese-based salads a kick (lettuce, rocket, dandelion), and for boosting poppy seed flavours (in bread, etc.).

Organic AOP Nyons Olives Spread – 90g

$75 $71

This exclusive and exceptional product is the result of the passionate and hard work of a couple of nature lovers. Those organic olives are farmed in a very artisanal way and are from the “Tanche” variety.The Tanche olive is unique to southern part of the Drôme, and Nyons is the name given to the Tanche olives grown in and around the charming town of Nyons. Distinguished by their large pits, sweet meaty flavor, and lack of bitterness, Nyons olives are special enough to have earned their own AOC, or Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (the French system for designating and controlling the geography and quality of wines and other products).

Origin: France
Packaging: Glass jar
Ingredients: Nyons olives and nyons olive oil, organic lemon juice 0.7%
Storage:Keep away from the light. Once opened, store in the fridge.
Usage: You can mix it with garlic, anchovies. You can usa it as a tapenade, to put on top of a fish, in omelets, ..

Price is per tin 90g

Organic Birch Water 2020 Harvest – 75cl

$215 $209

Sourced int he Canigou mountains, this “Sève de bouleau VALMANYA” this is the 5th harvest of this wonderful product. The sap is put into bottle only 48 hours after being harvested. It is quickly pasteurized to preserve the product and keep all the properties of the birch sap. After winter, a cure of 3 weeks of this pure water collected at altitude in the Pyrenees is good for a detoxifying and draining power strengthened.. Drink 10 to 20cl every morning. It is as well recommended for athletes, simply refreshing and rejuvenating, perfect for re-hydrating your body after a workout. by diluting 1 volume for 3 water volumes.  Our birch water can be enjoyed in its purest form, with nothing added. Since there is no added sweetener, our pure birch water is deal for a PALEO DIET. Great for cocktails and smoothies.

The producer Abies Lagrimus became famous in 2020 in a French TV show “Qui veut être mon associé (who wan’t to be my partner).

Price is per 75cl

Eat by date at least 6 months

Organic Lemon Syrup – 250ml

$99 $94

lemon syrup: Organic Cane Sugar, water, lemon juice, natural lemon flavour.

To enjoy with fresh water or to make your own ice cream.

Organic Quince Jelly – 300g

$79 $55

Fresh fruit and cane sugar are the secret to Spain’s finest membrillo. The key ingredient is quince, a medieval European predecessor to the apple. It has a delightful tart sweetness, somewhat similar to a cranberry. This classic preserve is the perfect accompaniment to Manchego cheese. The tart sweetness perfectly balances the salty, sharp flavor of the cheese. Produced in the artisan tradition by the Valls family of Catalonia, our membrillo is made with all natural ingredients – in fact, most of the products they create are made from organic ingredients and all are of the finest quality. Refrigerate after opening.

NOTE: The “Best Before” date listed on the package for this product is listed in Spanish format with the day listed first, followed by the month and the year.

Origin: Spain.

Price is per pack of 300g

Organic Violet Syrup – 250ml

$99 $94

ingredients: organic cane sugar, water, organic cranberry juice, natural violet flavour 0.5%

To enjoy with fresh water or to make your own ice cream.

Made in France

Premium Bottarga – So’Boutargue

So’Boutargue produces in Provence, bottarga made from the roe of wild caught Striped Mullet fish. The roe are cleaned with natural water, enrobed by salt of Camargue  and then, naturally sun dried until reaching their perfect cure level.
The bottarga is after that enrobed by a mix of alimentary and bee wax to insure a high level of conservation of the product.


  • Bottarga di Muggine (Dried Wild Caught Grey Mullet Roe)
  • Hand made in Provence “South of France”
  • Highly rich in Omega 3, decreases anxiety and increases the aphrodisiac.
  • Slice thinly like salami on a toast or sandwich or grate it over pasta or salad or scrambled eggs, read the preparations in the descriptions below.
  • Supreme quality, top chefs recommendation
  • The secret magic ingredient that will change all of your seafood recipes
  • Storage : At least 3 month of eat-by-date, store in the fridge
  • Vacuum-pack : yes

Price is per piece of 160-200g

Rouelle – 250g

$132 $129

This cheese which looks something like a frosted doughnut appears as a disk with a central hole. It is made in the area of Tarn. This cheese made from raw goat’s milk must have a flexible consistency. Its natural rind is coated with charcoal powder and covered with gray moulds. Inside one finds a homogeneous white pâte, so tender, with a pleasant savour of hazelnut and a beautiful acidity to the palate. Propose the Rouelle at the end of the meal, with a set of other goats.

Piece of 250g

Best before: 1 week after the delivery

Virgin argan oil


As a powerful and wild flavour, in traditional Berber cuisine it is eaten in salads, tagines, couscous, with tomatoes, grilled chicken, cumin and paprika-infused carrots. Its game-like flavour makes it the perfect accompaniment for beef carpaccio or with goat’s cheese marinated in the fridge for a few hours.

Virgin turnip seed oil


This plant, called “navette”, which disappeared in the 1950s, is similar to rape seed and makes for an amber-coloured oil. It is thinner and lighter than rapeseed and has a very pleasant turnip flavour.

Wild Net Caught Seabass Fillet

$1,199 $999 by kg

This is responsibly sourced from French artisanal fishing


  • Landing port : France
  • Weight recommended for 1 person :150 to 200g
  • Storage : 5 days after the packing date or 3 months in the freezer
  • Vacuum-pack : yes

Price is for 1kg

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