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Shellfish and Crustaceans

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Live Clams Palourdes – 1kg


This is responsibly sourced from French artisanal fishing


  • Landing port : Brittany, Vendée
  • Weight recommended for 1 person : 100 to 200g as a startern 300-400g as a main dish
  • Storage : fragile product, to eat straight away the day of reception
  • Vacuum-pack : variable

price is for 1kg

Sustainable Frozen Whiteleg Shrimps ASC 21-25

$235 per kilo

21-25 count. Raw Large sized white shrimp. Peeled, deveined and no tail. Defrost slowly cook. Very versatile but suited to stir fry.

Storage Temperature: Frozen
Storage: At least 3 months from delivery, and please see expiry date on packaging.
Packaging: Please keep frozen. Once thawed, do not refreeze.
Origin: Vietnam From an ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council)
Latin name: Penaeus vannamei

Fresh Langoustines – 1kg


The is responsibly sourced from artisanal fishing

/!\ This product is subject to availability (catch isn’t always stable).We would contact you if it wouldn’t be available. 


  • Landing port : France
  • Weight recommended for 1 person : 200g
  • Storage : 4 days after the packing date or 3 months in the freezer// to eat same day as receiving 
  • Vacuum-pack : No

Live Brown Crab


This is responsibly sourced from French artisanal fishing


  • Landing port : Normandy, Brittany, Vendée
  • Weight recommended for 1 person : half brown crab per person
  • Storage : Cooked it straight away after receiving if live and eat within 48 hours.
  • Vacuum-pack : variable

Price is per 1kg (variable number of pieces)

Whelks – 500g


The is responsibly sourced from French artisanal fishing


  • Landing port : Normandy, Brittany, Vendée
  • Weight recommended for 1 person : 80 to 150g
  • Storage : 4 days after the packing date
  • Vacuum-pack : variable

Cooked Octopus Leg – per piece


Pre-cooked vacuum-packed, perfectly tender octopus tentacles from Spain.

This Spanish Octopus has a beautiful dark cherry colour with pure white flesh. The meat has a fine firm bite with a very moist and meaty texture. The flavour is pleasant and fresh but a sprinkling of salt does help bring out the sea-fresh flavours.

It comes ready to slice in a cold seafood salad. To warm it, slipping the package into boiling water or to sear briefly in a heavy pan or grill.


  • Country of fabrication :Spain
  • Ingredients: Cooked octopus, stabiliser (E-451,E-450,E-415), water and salt
  • Weight recommended for 1 person : 100g
  • Storage : Chilled store at less than 3° C, eat within 1 week
  • Vacuum-pack : Vacuum packed or clear plastic lidded plastic tubs

Price is per piece of 300-400g

Wild Bouquet Shrimps Cooked – 500g


Those shrimps are a luxurious and rare product due to its extremely complicated fishing conditions. The catch is strictly controlled, which explains its high price.

  • Weight recommended for 1 person : 150g
  • Storage : 2 days in the fridge after reception
  • Vacuum-pack : No

Price is per 500g

Frozen Carabineros – 1kg


We entrusted the collection of this jewel to a family of fishermen family with ancestral expertise. our carabineros are caught near traditional fishing port huelva, and benefit from unique expertise that makes this scarlet gem internationally renowned. they are frozen on board within a few minutes of being harvested to ensure complete freshness.

Origin : FAO 27, Spain or  SURINAM
Fishing technique : Trawler
Frozen on Board
Sashimi Grade

Price is per 1 box of about 1kg



Winkles Big -1kg


The is responsibly sourced from French artisanal fishing.


  • Landing port : Brittany or Normandy
  • Weight recommended for 1 person : 80 to 150g
  • Storage : 4 days after the packing date
  • Vacuum-pack : no

Live Vernis Clams – 1kg


The magnificent verni clam comes from France. They’re large, polished like no other clam (verni is French for varnished) and the taste is seriously gourmet.what a treat!  The very largest verni – when available – clock in at over 150g each. That’s a huge clam by anyone’s standards and you’d only need two to make a pretty filling main course serving.

Live clams open when you cook them. This is because the heat relaxes the muscle, pushing the clam open. These clams were alive and kicking when they were frozen, but as they are now dead, some probably won’t open, because the muscle won’t register the heat. You can pry them open with a blunt knife. The ones that don’t open are safe to eat.

  • Landing port : Brittany, Vendée
  • Weight recommended for 1 person : 350g
  • Storage : fragile product, to eat straight away the day of reception
  • Vacuum-pack : variable

price is for 500g

Frozen Blue Lobster Shell-off – 1 piece


Our European lobster is the fruit of artisanal fishing methods at a depth of less than 50 meters in cold European waters. Carefully selected by fishermen for whom the long-term sustainability of the species is a major concern, it is fished in lobster pots and brought aboard the boat alive. Any lobster considered to be too small is directly returned to its natural habitat. This king of crustaceans is then weaned in sea water before benefiting from the innovative technology of high pressure shelling. This is the only technique currently available to ensure a raw lobster is shelled without altering the quality of its meat in any way. It is then cryogenically frozen and vacuum packed to guarantee a product that offers incomparable quality combined with a unique “freshly-fished” flavor, ready to be eaten raw or cooked.

  • Sashimi grade
  • recognised sustainable by wwf
  • Pot caught
  • Shelled under high pressure for a ready-to-cook product
Price is per 1 piece (tail and claws) shell off

Frozen Black Qwehli Tiger Shrimps – 2kg


It has taken 8 years of r&d for qwehli to offer you our exceptional savor panaeus monodon from mozambique. The rich soil in clay of zambéze region and the flora of the mozambique channel sublime our black qwehli with a unique flavor. Strong of our know-how in farming and fish preservation we guarantee 100% the tractability. Our processing plant located next to the farming ponds ensure great quality and maximum freshness.

Origin : mozambique
Latin name: Penaeus monodon

Price is per 1 box of about 2 kilos.

Live Sea Almonds – 1kg


Amande de Mer, Amande Marbrée or Amande – The sea almond or dog cockle. This clam is often part of a French fresh seafood platters. They are on most French seafood restaurant menus as “amandes” which can cause some confusion for visitors with only a French – English pocket dictionary for translations as outside of seafood restaurants amandes translates as almonds.

When dog cockles are on the menu on their own, they are often lightly fried with garlic, and parsley butter or stuffed with tomatoes and herbs. This is a tasty clam and does not need to be buried in a sauce.

Origin: France; Brittany

Price is per kilo


Frozen Cooked Octopus Legs – by Pack

Cooked Octopus Tentacles XL
Origin: Spain


Sold by pack of about about 400g (2 legs)

Wild Octopus – 2kg


Single sucker Octopus size will vary depending on whats on the markets so we offer it as KG not by the individual Octopus. It is suitable for various cooking methods, including raw consumption. Raw octopus will be cleaned and prepared before being delivered to your door. Octopus is a good low-fat source of protein. It’s also packed with vitamin B12; which helps maintain healthy skin and hair. Photo is for display purposes only.

  • Weight recommended for 1 person : 200g
  • Storage : 4 days after reception
  • Vacuum-pack : no, packed white poly foam bow

Price is per 2 kg (1variable number of piece but mostly 1 to 3)

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