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Our expert has selected among regional artisanal producers the best saucissons, saussages, ham, and cold cuts . Receive your favourite ones delivered straight away to your door.

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Parisian Ham – by 100g


The genuine “Ham from Paris”.This hand-crafted product is made from start to finish with a respect for an age-old know-how. The unique character and excellence of this products open doors for the finest restaurants, including those run by chefs Alain Ducasse and Yannick Alléno. This ham are also recommended by the famous butcher Hugo Desnoyer.

Origin : France, Ile de France
Animal : Pork

Eat by date: 4 days  after the delivery

Price is per slice of 100 to 200g depending of the thickness



The saltufo is a piece of salami mixed with summer truffle (tuber Aestivum 3%) coated with real Parmigiano Reggiano AOP 24 months. It has a delicate and intense taste. The match between the refined pork with the truffle and with the cheese have created this wonderful bite.

Origin : Italy
Animal : Pork
Eat by date: 4 days  after the delivery

Piece of 80g

Pistachio Mortadella – 100g


Mortadella is a very versatile sausage that lends itself to all sorts of meals, from appetizers to main courses. Served with walnuts, cheeses and tart berries, or used as base for a delicious creamy spread mortadella makes a delicious ingredient to antipasti. Mortadella can also lend its flavor to eggs as an ingredient to an Italian omelet known as a frittata.

Portion of 100g thing slices

Origin : Italy
Animal : Pork
Eat by date: 3 days  after the delivery

Txirula / Baton Basque – 200g


Txirula means box tree small flute. This cured Sausage is made with Ibaïama pork lifted with Espelette Pepper. Delicious as a stater and un incomparable taste.

Piece of 130g

Origin : France, Basque Country
Animal : pork
Eat by date: 7 days  after the delivery

Cold Cuts Assortment – 100g

$69 per portion

For raclette or Fondue

Origin : France, Savoie
Animal : Pork, Beef
Eat by date: 4 days  after the delivery

Portion of 100g (per person)

Lomo Embuchado – Dry Cured Pork Loin – 100g


Among Spain’s most treasured cured meats, Lomo Embuchado is carefully dried for 2 months, seasoned with smoked paprika, garlic and spices. Lomo embuchado is simply a whole pork loin, solid meat with no fillers. Because of this, many prefer lomo to chorizo or salchichón sausages.

Each thinly cut slice has a light marbling of fat which adds significantly to the texture of the meat. The lomo is sometimes smoked with charcoal and wood and slow cured in natural drying houses. There are three types of lomo – from normal ‘serrano’ pork, from Ibérico, or “pata-negra” pork, or finally from Ibérico pork from free range, acorn fed pigs, also known as “bellota”.

Portion of 100g

Origin : Spain
Animal : pork

Eat by date: 4 days  after the delivery

Guémené Andouille – 100g


Andouille de Guémené is a pork speciality that may surprise your palate. The Andouille de Guémené is indeed a typical Breton sausage made from pork meat, chitterlings, pepper, onions, wine and seasonings. It can be served either hot or cold. If you like authentic French Charcuterie with pork, you will definitely enjoy it!

Portion of 100g

Origin : France, Rhone Alpes
Animal : pork
Eat by date: 4 days  after the delivery

Parma Ham 30 months – by 100g


The Prosciutto di Parma DOP or Parma Ham dates back to ancient times whose qualities render it a unique in its genre.

Origin : Italy
Animal : Pork
Eat by date: 4 days  after the delivery

portion of about 100g

Dry-cured Beef – 100g


ENjoy this delicate cold cut, similar to Grisons type.

Allergenes: non (no lactose)

Price is per 100g minimum

Duck Liver Terrine with Girolles – 200g


ingredients: duck liver (20%), pork meat, pork liver, pork fat, mix power (starch, salt, milk proteins, natural aroma, spices, antioxidants E301), egg white, water, duck fat, denatured cognac, denatured wine, girolles mushroom (1.7%), salt, preservatives (E250, lactose, milk proteins)

ingredients: foie gras de canard (20%), viande de porc, foie de volaille, viande de dinde, gras de porc, mix poudre (amidon, sel, protéines de lait, arômes naturels, épices, antioxydants: E301), blanc d’oeufs, eau, graisse de canard, cognac dénaturé, apéritif à base de vin dénaturé, girolles (1,7%), sel, conservateurs (E250, lactose, proteine de lait)

Tartuffo Mortadella – 100g


 The tasty flavour of a quality mortadella combines wonderfully with the fragrance of truffle.

Portion of 100g thing slices

Origin : Italy
Animal : Pork
Eat by date: 3 days  after the delivery

Rosette à L’ancienne – 100g


Rosette is a cured saucisson ( French pork sausage) made from leg of pork, with the skin covered with black pepper.

Portion of 100g sliced

Origin : France
Animal : pork
Eat by date: 7 days  after the delivery

Savoie Dry Cured Ham 16 months – 100g


The Savoie cured Ham is a raw ham made in Savoie witht he respect of the traditional savoir faire of Christian Favre from Montcharvin. It is aged for 16 months minimum.

Origin : France
Animal : Pork
Best before: 1 week   after the delivery

Price is 100g sliced

Iberico Bellota Chorizo – 100g


The Bellota Iberian spanish Chorizo is made with a carefully selected mixture of pork meat from iberian pata negra bellota pigs. Seasoned with salt and red natural pepper and put it to dry slowly. Delicious dry-cured iberian sausage with strong flavour and reddish characteristic colour. It comes in two

Portion of 100g

Origin : Spain
Animal : pork

Serrano Ham Gran Reserva 20 months in Chiffonade- 100g


The Trevelez ham is produced in the province of Granada, Spain.

These hams are characterized by a bright red and shiny colour when cut and by a delicate and slightly salty flavor.

Origin : Spain
Animal : pork

Traditional saucisson – 375g


Original and practical, its small hessian bag will preserve its old-fashioned, natural taste well into the future!

Piece of 375g (+/- 15%).

Origin : France, Rhone Alpes
Animal : pork
Eat by date: 7 days  after the delivery

Jambon Iberico Bellota Pata Negra 40 months – 100g


Le Jambon de Bellota provient des porcs de race 100% Ibérique élevés en liberté et nourris exclusivement avec des glands. Les temps de séchage entre 36 et 44 mois.
Produit dans la région de Guijuelo, près de Salamanca, oú l’on trouve le climat très propice à l’élevage du Porc Ibérique et le séchage des produits.

The Bellota ham comes from 100% free range iberico pig feds only with

Pork products made from Black Iberian breed pigs receive the ibérico/a denomination. As such, jamón ibérico is the dry-cured ham produced from livestock of said breeds. According to Spain’s denominación de origen rules and current regulations on Jamón, Jamón Ibérico must be made from pure breed, or cross-bred pigs – as long as they are at least 50% Black Iberian in their ancestry.  Jamón Ibérico, specially the one labeled as de bellota, has a smooth texture and rich, savory taste. The fat content is relatively high compared to jamón serrano. A good ibérico ham has regular flecks of intramuscular fat known as marbling.

Origin: Spain


Smoked Duck Breast – 350g


 Discover the subtle spicy flavor of this dry smoked duck breast which will be a perfect match for your salads or as a starter.

Origin : France, Rhône-Alpes
Animal : Duck
Eat by date: 7 days  after the delivery

Whole piece of about 250g

Tavaillon – 375g


Piece of 375gr (+/- 15%)

Origin : France, Rhone Alpes
Animal : pork

Eat by date: 5 days  after the delivery

Corsican Lonzo – Nustrale – 100g


The protected designation of origin “Lonzo de Corse is characterized by its light, fresh aromas, sweet flavour and very slight saltiness, combined with a mild creaminess and dry, firm texture. The Lonzo is a lean pork filet, carefully cured and then smoked. Its delicate flavours and pink colour are our artisans’ Signature. Thinly sliced, it is best served on a charcuterie platter, but can be cooked as well.


Origin : France, Corsica
Animal : Nustrale black Pork born and raised in Corsica and fed with chestnut
Eat by date: 4 days  after the delivery

Portion of 100g sliced

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