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Organic Potatoes – 2kg

$129 by kg

Origin:  France
Packaging: Wooden crate or carton
Storage: in the fridge if you want to increase the shelf life. You can put some fruits in the middle of them to decrease the process of germination. They can be kept at least 1 week.
Usage:  Tto enjoye mashed, roasted

Sold by 2kg min

Organic Grenaille Potatoes – by 2 kg

$139 by kg

The grenaille potato has a fine, aromatic taste, even with a hint of sweetness.  It is an early, firm waxy potato with a thin skin.

Origin:  France
Packaging: Wooden crate or carton
Storage: in the fridge if you want to increase the shelf life. You can put some fruits in the middle of them to decrease the process of germination. They can be kept at least 1 week.
Usage:   They are  ideal for roastedand sauté potatoes.  It is not necessary to peel them.

Min 2kg

Organic Leek

$129 by kg

Leeks are part of the onion and garlic family but they are milder in taste and more delicate. The edible parts are the white one and the pale green upper parts. You can also use the dark green upper parts into stocks or even chopped finely and sauteed. Leeks are rice in vitamin C and they have diuretic properties.

Origin:  France
Packaging: None
Storage: Store in the refrigerator, wrapped in paper towels for up to five days or more.
Usage:  Raw, they can be thinly sliced and added to salads, relishes, and salsas.

Price is per 1kg

Organic Cauliflower

$168 by piece

Cauliflower is in the same plant family as broccoli. The reason for its unusual white color is that the leaves of the plant shield the florets from the sun (and consequently chlorophyll) as they grow. Raw cauliflower is slightly sulfurous and faintly bitter in flavor but once cooked, it transforms to a sweet and milky, almost nutty flavor.

Organic Cauliflower is preferred for superior taste, health benefits, and environmental friendliness. Enjoy the florets with dip, steamed as a side, stir-fried, or grilled with other vegetables.

Origin:  France
Packaging: Kraft bag
Storage: Keep refrigerated and unwashed for up to five days.
Usage:  In gratin with bechamel, raw with creamy mayonnaise, or deliciously roasted in the oven topped with turmeric

Price is for 1 piece of 1kg+

Organic Fennel

$146 by kg

Broccoli is an excellent source of vitamins K, C, and A, as well as folate and fiber. It is also a good source of phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and the vitamins B6 and E.
Organic Broccoli is preferred for taste, health, and environmental reasons.

Origin:  France
Packaging: Kraft bag
Storage: Keep unwashed fennel refrigerated for up to five days. Organic produce should not be stacked with non-organic produce.
Usage:  These delicious vegetables is delicious in association with fish. Braised, in risotto, there are many way to enjoy it!

Price is for 1kg

Organic Sweet Potatoes – 1.5kg

$159 by kg

An organic sweet potato is not actually a potato, but a starchy root vegetable, sometimes called yam. They vary from long oval shapes to round shapes. The roots don’t only vary in shape but also in colour.  Flavorful and sweet – Sweet Potatoes are so delicious that it’s easy to forget you’re eating something so good for you. They’re loaded with Fiber, Beta Carotene, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Manganese. There is an amazing spectrum of healthy “any day” recipe ideas to enjoy along with all of the traditional Easter and Passover holiday recipes you’re probably familiar with.

Origin:  France, Italy or Spain
Packaging: Kraft bag
Storage: at home the organic sweet potatoes need to be kept out of the fridge and are best placed in a cool dry place.
Usage:   Excellent for salads or to make delicious fries

Price is per 1.5kg

Toast for Cheese – Dates, Hazelnuts and Pumpkin Seeds


Toast’ is oh so thin, light and crisp, but what makes it unique is that around 60 % of the cracker is composed of fruits, nuts and seeds. Making it oh so fruity, oh so nutty and oh so – well ‘seedy’! For Lush Creamy Cheeses such as Chaource, Brillat-Savarin, Brie de Meaux & Vacherin Mont D’Or.


Box of 100g

Whole Black Vanilla, 14-16cm+ from Madagascar Bulk

$46 by pod (moq 2 pods)

The vanilla orchid is native only to Mexico and relies on a rare black Mexican bee to pollinate naturally. In 1841, a French owned 12-year old slave on Île Bourbon (now Réunion Island) discovered how to hand-pollinate vanilla orchids. Shortly thereafter vanilla plantations were introduced and became commonplace on the island of Madagascar.  It is a vine of which some thirty sub-species have been identified. The vanilla market has products of different origins with marked differences:
• Mexican vanilla (vanilla fragans) with its subtle chocolate, spice and fruit fragrance
• Tahitian vanilla (vanilla tahitensis), has a low vanillin content and strong aniseed aroma with notes of prunes.

Cooking tips : there are so many option to use vanilla. You can put the skin of the bean into a dish with sugar to make you own vanilla sugar.

Latin name : Vanilla planifolia
Origin :  Madagascar
Season: September to December
Ingredients : 100 % vanilla pods
Storage: Away from light, heat and moisture. Suitable for freezing.


Sold by 2 pieces minimum.

Croutons – 75g


With those croutons made in les Sables d’Olonne, spice up your seafood soups!


  • A pinch of shredded gruyere
  • a spoon of rouille
  • the final touch: a bunch of croutons

Wheat flour,sun seed oil, wheat gluten, sugar, yeast

Allergen; gluten, nuts, milk, sesame, soy

Energy : 2070 kJ / 494 kcal – Fat : 24g including saturated fat : 2,2g – Glucids : 58g including sugar : 3,9g – Proteins : 10g -Salt : 2,5g

Organic Cooked Beetroot – 500g

With sweet, natural and earthy tones,  Beetroot is a store cupboard staple and a very versatile ingredient – in risottos, soups and dips, as a pizza topping, or oven-roasted with carrots and parsnips. It’s also a fantastic alternative to sugar to make delicious chocolate brownies. Colourful, rich and versatile beetroot. Cooked in natural juices. Organic beetroot grown by specially selected farmers with a commitment to quality, and cooked in its own natural juices. 

Origin:  UE
Packaging: Vacuum pack
Storage: fridge
Usage:  Delicious in a salad with Goats cheese and Baby Spinach

Price is per pack of 500g

Organic Jerusalem Artichoke

$147 by kg

A lumpy, brown-skinned vegetable, the sunflower choke resembles ginger root but is actually a variety of sunflower root. Sometimes referred to as a Jerusalem artichoke, it is not an artichoke! Contrary to what the name implies, the Jerusalem Artichoke is not from Jerusalem but instead received its name from the Italian word for sunflower, girasole. The white flesh of the Sunflower Choke is nutty, crunchy, crisp and sweet. This vegetable is similar to a potato but the carbohydrate present is inulin rather than starch which is an excellent source of fructose for diabetics.

Origin:  France
Packaging: Kraft bag
Storage: They are good until they get soft or wrinkled. Store in a cool, dry place for up to 5 days. For use, Sunflower chokes may be peeled or simply washed and cooked in their thin skins.
Usage: Use Jerusalem artichokes raw in salads or cooked by boiling and steaming and serving as a side dish.

Price is for 1 piece of about 1kg

Organic Corn – 400g

Corn grows in “ears,” each of which is covered in rows of kernels that are then protected by the silk-like threads called “corn silk” and encased in a husk. Hot, fresh corn-on-the-cob is an almost essential part of any barbeque and is a particular favourite of many kids (finger foods are always popular!). Corn is a good source of vitamin B1, vitamin B5, folate, dietary fibre, vitamin C, phosphorus and manganese.

Origin:  UE
Packaging: Vacuum pack
Storage: fridge

Price is per pack of 400g

Toast for Cheese – Quince, Pecan and Poppy Seeds


A new addition to our hugely popular Toast for Cheese range. Quince is one of the great partners for cheese, especially for ewes’ milk cheeses like Manchego. Our new cracker is especially delicious with soft, creamy ewes’ milk cheeses like Pecorino Dolce or Wigmore. Its over 60 % fruits, nuts and seeds, making it oh so good, as well as fruity, crunchy and addictive.


Box of 100g

Toast for Cheese – Apricots, Pistachios and Sunflower Seeds


Toast’ is oh so thin, light and crisp, but what makes it unique is that around 60 % of the cracker is composed of fruits, nuts and seeds. Making it oh so fruity, oh so nutty and oh so – well ‘seedy’!For Delicate Goats’ Milk Cheeses such as Valençay, Crottin de Chavignol & Ragstone.


Box of 100g

Olive Oil Cuvée Prestige – From 250 ml


Originating from the best land, this vintage, which has made the fame of the house, has a unique fruity taste and releases aromas of an incomparable sweetness. Extra virgin olive oil, cold extraction.

Harvest of the year. For over 100 years, this great vintage of olive oil is the fruit of a subtle blend of identical, exceptional varieties harvested mures. Originating from the best European land, this vintage, which has made the fame of the house, possesses a unique fruity taste and releases aromas of an incomparable sweetness. Ideal for your raw vegetables, the finesse of this oil will also enchant your cooked dishes. (Acidity below 0.3 °)

Colour : gilded

Odour : Perfume of almond

taste : We feel rather fruity sensations; Light notes of mango but also artichoke and hazelnut. While the fresh almond is exalted in cooking.

Use : cold or hot

Quality : olive oil extra virgin

Method : Cold extraction

best before : at least 4 months

Variety : a secret recipe jealously guarded for over 100 years

Présentation : Can of olive oil in blue and yellow iron. Metal has two advantages: it preserves olive oil from light and allows safe transport. Moreover it gives no ‘metallic’ taste to olive oil.

Storage: Protect from light and heat. In the cellar or in the kitchen for smaller containers for everyday use. Olive oil, like wine, does not appreciate changes in temperature.


Organic Red Onions – 1kg


Did you know that the onion comes from Asia and in Ancient Egypt it was considered a talisman due to its qualities that are highly beneficial to health and for relieving numerous diseases? The onion is a product that we use daily in our kitchens; it is a fundamental part of our cuisine. More and more people are looking to consume products that are more beneficial for both their body and for the environment, and therefore, organic products are one of the major players in our diets today.  Organic Yellow Onions are preferred for reasons of taste, health and the environment.

Origin: France, Spain or Netherland
Packaging: Tray
Storage: Keep in mind that humidity breeds spoilage in dry onions. Store whole onions in a cool, dry place with good air circulation for up to two months Once cut, tightly wrap any unused onion in plastic, refrigerate and use within four days.
Usage: These onions are a favorite in quiche, pizza, and onion soup and are great au gratin, fried, stir-fried, creamed, or stuffed.

Organic White garlic

$230 by kg / min 250g

This organic garlic has rich garlic flavor & a lingering heat that softens & sweetens when cooked.

Price is per 250g

Origin: France or Spain
Packaging: Tray
Storage:  mesh bag is ideal. In hot or humid areas, garlic may be best stored in the fridge to avoid the humidity; it isn’t ideal, as the flavour is diminished. For longer storage, garlic may be easily frozen.
Usage: We love White in our pesto, sauces & roasts.

Olives with Basil and Garlic – 60g

Olives with basil and garlic and extra virgin olive oi.

Olives of Moroccan variety known as slashed. Pitted olives These olives freshly prepared, will be delivered to you in a little pouchto allow a better conservation in the refrigerator of at least 3months and a perfect presentation for your aperitifs.

Ingredients : Olive, extra virgin olive oil 0.5%, basil 0.5%; garlic 0.3%


Organic Turnip


Turnips are a popular root vegetable of European origin related to the cabbage and radish. Inside its delightful thin skin is the crisp white fleshy root. Although turnips sometimes have a yellowish flesh, the majority are bright white. Turnip leaves are slightly hairy, yet still edible, called turnip greens. You will receive golden ball or purple one depending of the availability.

Origin:  France or Italy
Packaging:  Paper bag
Storage: Refrigerate, unwashed in a plastic bag up to 10 days. Turnips should be scrubbed with a brush under running water, prior to use. There is no need to peel or cook if the skin is thin.
Usage: Enjoy fresh turnips just as you would a carrot, a delightful substitute. They are quite tasty backed with grated cheese or in a cooked salad.

Price is per kilo

Toast for Cheese – Cherries, Almonds and Linseeds


Toast’ is oh so thin, light and crisp, but what makes it unique is that around 60 % of the cracker is composed of fruits, nuts and seeds. Making it oh so fruity, oh so nutty and oh so – well ‘seedy’! For Rich Blue Cheeses such as Fourme D’Ambert, Stilton & Gorgonzola Dolce.


Box of 100g

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