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Yes we do. We work in direct with small fishmongers along the French Atlantic coast. They select the fresh catch of the day for us, prepare, fillet the products. Some of our suppliers are providing vacuum pack fish, some others will pack them into dedicated plastic bags made for seafood, similar style to the wet market.
After being prepared, the orders are put into large box of ice to maximize the freshness along transportation.
Upon arrival in Hong Kong, your seafood products are received, controlled and grouped with your other products.

Our products have been selected to to have suitable eat by date with the current logistic conditions (no more direct flights to Hong Kong).
They are prepared following all the hygiene rules in France and Hong Kong.

We have a 100% traceability and transparency on each product, you can see the packing date and the origin.

We understand disappointment.
Regarding fruits & vegetables, they are organic so they are more fragile than non organic products. They can get rotten easily. For other products like cheese of seafood, it can happen a product turn bad because of the transportation or just because sometimes it happen for non specific reason. Even if we try to control all the products, it can happen that we don’t see a problem on a fruit or on a vegetable as we receive hundreds of kilos of them. For some products, there is no way to see a problem before the customer would cook it. This is why we request customers to let us know when they receive the order if there is any issue so can find a solution together, refund or exchange.
We can’t guarantee perfection for every products, but we are always keen to find a compromise if you would notify any issue with a product.

Cow Milk
Cow is the animal which gives the more milk. As for the meat, there are many different types of cow, each one belongs to a specific French region, at the origin of their name: Normande, Bretonne, Prim’Holstein, Abondance, Montbéliarde, Salers, Tarine, Simmentale. This allows a large variety of cheese in France. At least 10 liters of cow milk are required to make 1kg of cheese.

Goat Milk
France is the first producer and consumer of goat cheese in the world. The traditional region where those cheeses are made are located mostly in the South of Loire Valley. As for the cow; there are different types of Goat races. Goat cheese is more digest than Cow cheese. That is why many people prefer it toward other cheese. At least 6.5 liters of milk are required to make 1kg of goat cheese.

Sheep Milk
Sheep cheese take their origin in a typical cheese culture. There are 3 main regions very focus on their savoir-faire: l’Aveyron (ex: Roquefort), Pays-Basque (ex: Ossau-Iraty) and Corsica (ex: le Brocciu). Sheep cheese are seasonal, in order to respect the natural cycle of the animals. Sheep cheese are the result of a hard work from the producers which continue to produce delicious « Terroir »cheese with passion.

We supply fresh products which are sometimes following huge price increase or decrease on daily basis. Seafood for example can experiment a lot of prices changes. One day can see up to 150% price increase for some items like dover sole. Some other products follow seasonal price changes like the blue lobster which is cheaper during summer time and very expensive during Christmas and New year. We will always advise on the good time to shop a product or another one. We update our price on weekly basis and would not require you to pay any additional fee even if a products would face a sudden price increase.

We have a happy customer database who are enjoying our products on regular basis. Our customers are foodie, individuals and family who care about eating well and eating good. They understand the challenges of our activity and are looking for a different experience than supermarket. They agree to place order and experiment sometime products non available for multiple reasons like weather, seasons, low supply etc and are keen to be offered replacement or refund in that case. If you are not ready for a little bit of flexibility, then Food Origin might not be a good choice for you.

We are deeply defendant of ugly fruits and vegetables. You might receive some of them which doesn’t look the same than the one you see in supermarket. Different shapes, different colors, different size. In most of supermarket, products are chosen based on their appearance, which mean the one discarded are generating food waste. We think that what matters first is the taste, so we are happy providing some ugly fruits and veggies. If you are only looking for beautiful one, then Food Origin might not be the right place to buy.

Almost all our product are FRESH and suitable for freezing excepted if clearly mentioned on the product page.

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When you chose to order with us, you agree on the risky part of our just in time model. To ensure freshness, quality and lower food waste, we only order what our customers orders. This follow a very complicated and precise logistic, and sometimes, you might experiment a missing product due to non availability or because of human error. When you place an order with us, you need to consider this to avoid any disappointment. Most of the time we will come up with a solution: replacement, refund or re-delivery another week. We are always available to find a way to help with the situation.

All the storage advices are available on our product pages. Don’t hesitate to drop a message if you have any doubt!

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    We provide Organic, Demeter fruits and vegetables. Our partners source some seafood from MSC certified fisheries. Some of our producers has been awarded with the Producteur de qualité (quality producer) by the Culinary College of France. Some of our products has been awarded with golden, silver medals at the Paris Agricultural contest.

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    No, sorry but not sorry! We have no stock (excepted for the Epicerie Fine products). This is what make us able to offer fresh products at great prices. We only bring what you order to avoid any food waste. You can have a look at our order schedule in our how it works section.

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    We are bringing the freshest and the most qualitative products to your door. You have access to the same products than the best chefs in town with just a click. We are offering a responsible offer, available thanks to a very close relationship with mostly small producers. The prices of our products reflect the quality and the hard work of our partners, and a very short logistic chain. We are even more cheaper than most of Hong Kong gourmet shops and have comparable prices with Parisian shops.

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    We deliver everywhere excepted outlying island. You can have a look at our how it works section!

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    Most of our products come from France and European Union. We are happy to collaborate with Hong Kong local brands as well like Levain Bakery.

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    No! At Food Origin, we offer a range or raw milk cheese. Most of our cheese are artisan cheese, farm cheese NON PASTEURIZED.

    When milk is cooked or pasteurized, many naturally occurring flavor-rich enzymes (the good bacteria) are destroyed or denatured by the heat, and the cheese loses that important flavor-building foundation. Milk is heated few seconds at 72 degrees in order to remove any potential Pathogenic bacteria. Milk that has been pasteurized produces a cheese that stays more stable; each wheel per type of cheese offers consistent texture and flavors. It is the technic used by large or industrial cheese factories to answer to the increasing demand from consumers. More than 90% of cheese are made from pasteurized milk.

    By comparison, a raw-milk cheese (non pasteurized) is alive and constantly changing as it matures. Farmstead cheeses are made from raw milk, which has been produced, collected on the same farm where the cheese is produced. Unlike artisan cheese, which may also include milk purchased and transported from off-farm sources, farmstead cheese makers only use milk from animals they raise. The farmers’ closeness to the source gives them control over the quality of their milk and cheese. Raw-milk cheeses may be firm, oozy, creamy, or crumbly, and can come in any shape, from wheel to block. Almost always made by small-scale artisanal producers, they often come from a single-herd cow, sheep, or goat milk. Throughout history, raw milk has been the prime ingredient for great cheeses because of their unique flavor , the rich array of well-defined flavors and aromatics, the depth of complexity, and the unmistakable sense of uniqueness. Less than 10% of cheese are made from raw milk.

    If you have any doubt, you can just contact us to get a confirmation of course!

    No we don’t. You can only shop online on our e-shop. You’re welcome anytime to open our e-door and shop our great products!

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    Order schedule CHANGES

    To adapt to new freights issues, we have moved to a new logistic scheme. Please note our NEW order schedule:

    Order by MONDAY 6pm for a delivery FRIDAY .

    Due to cold  weather in France and in between season, vegetable and fruits availability is affected and they can be more fragile than usually. 

    Enjoy our range of products selected with love, sourced from small producers, paid at fair price, delivered to you with dedicated staff for a sustainable ecosystem.

    100% Traceability, 100% Origin Guarantee. 100% Quality, 100% Authenticity